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  • Closures App automatically finds your local news channel stations and pulls in your local closings and delays data. Along with your weekly weather forecast, we present this info in real-time only needing your zip code.

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    We are constantly updating our database and expanding Closures to reach as many people as possible. Currently, only certain news channel stations support the data structure the app uses to retrieve data. We're currently working on and exploring ways to expand to more news channel stations.

    A full list of locations we currently support can be found here.

  • Snow, Tornados, Earthquakes, & More

    The idea of Closures App originated in Northern New York during an intense winter. Since launching and expanding to several other regions and states, the need to know whether a school or an organization is closed or not has increased our need to cover other natural events and disasters.

  • No More Waiting

    No more waiting to see if your school or work is closed by watching the ticker on your local news or listening to your local weather on the radio for an announcement.

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