Major Update - Version 6

Posted on December 9, 2022Updates

In the latest update, Closures App has introduced several new features and improvements:

  1. Visual Representation

    The homepage now includes a map of the United States, with gray counties indicating areas where Closures App is not yet available, and blue highlighted counties representing locations where it is supported.

  2. Aggregated Local News Data

    Closures App functions as a news aggregator that specializes in gathering information about closings and delays from local news websites. It fetches data from multiple news stations across the country and continues to expand its coverage.

  3. Detailed Locations Page

    A new Locations page provides a comprehensive view of each state and its respective locations. Users can access closings and delays specific to their local news channels.

  4. Expansion

    Closures App has expanded its coverage to 12 new states and also includes local Covid-19 statistics.

  5. Real-time Status Updates

    A Status page has been added to inform users about any ongoing issues or incidents experienced by Closures App in real-time.

Closures App was originally developed in 2013 by Dalton Sutton as a side project and has since grown to include support for various news channel stations across the United States. These updates aim to enhance its usability and broaden its reach.

Dalton Sutton
Dalton SuttonCreator & Developer